Igor Lichterman
Igor Lichterman is the sole founder of Lichterman studio for art.
Inside his studio, Igor combines old arts with new tools in order to materialize a unique vision. Starting from the absolute basics, a paper and a pencil, his work grows more complex and precise until it reaches the point when it conveys an extremely focused message.
By constantly testing the limits and visual possibilities of graphics software such as Photoshop and Illustrator have to offer, Igor's art is as captivating as it is exceptional.

 All started with a deep breath
​​​​​​​Igor Lichterman was born to explore this world and give us his notes in the most touching way possible.
As a child, Igor found the world overwhelmingly stunning - and felt an irresistible urge to visualize his experience for everyone to witness. This habit had followed him into adulthood and the world around him had never ceased from providing him with inspiration.
Seeing parts of the world through Igor's thrillingly exposed vision is a refreshing and amazing opportunity to reevaluate one's perception of life or simply abandon the loud world we live in for an instance – and look inwards.

A never-ending search
Through his many art forms, Igor is constantly searching for the answers to life's greatest mysteries. Why are we here? Why now?
While this quest will never be completed, Igor's art reveals that in some cases, our journey is much more interesting than simply its bottom line, and circles around the exploration of human relationships, the paradox of right versus wrong and the wide range of our emotions.
Thus, Igor's art is considered to be highly distinguishable - and one can feel his personal mark out of each and every art piece.

No canvas is too small
Igor Lichterman's art can be conveyed through any medium. From a collector's limited edition OCB rolling papers to a compatible visual expression of a novel or even a child's fairytale. With a few strokes, Igor blends the focus of attention with a fresh perspective that leaves its mark.
Specializing in creating a specific visual theme and language for different target audiences, it is apparent that Igor enjoys creating both personal and commercial artwork - and always point in the right direction.

Create a mirror that never changes
Igor Lichterman looks at art and sees life - just as he looks at life and sees art.
And like life, art is ever-changing, always evolving and exciting new thoughts, new meanings, new points of view.
Igor's deepest motivation is to provide us with the opportunity of glancing into one's self, exploring the gift of existence and discovering our inner realm – and its interface with the outside. By constantly evolving and taking inspiration from the beautifully complex world around him, Igor is able to reinvent himself each time - and give each piece of art an exclusive tone which touches a special part of the viewer's mind.
See Igor Lichterman's artwork on his online gallery website, which also enables you to contact him and start a new project - or purchase an existing one.
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